Youview guide button not working Tasmania

Catch up not working On android tv with youview Sony

Tom's guide > forum > streaming video & tvs > my remote stopped working, i replaced the batteries,still won't turn tv on. bought a generic control and it will not.

Using the YouView programme guide (EPG) to watch YouTube

The digital switchover would not cause your menu button to break. some things to check: 1. is the remote control working correctly. new batteries?.

Pause live tv not working; pause live (selected either by entering the channel number or choosing from the guide). power on youview using button at the back.

SOLVED The guide button and information buttons for

Basically the problem i am having is that i cannot change the source input on my tv using my talktalk youview controller. so getting to that point.

Remote Control Not Working Properly BT Community

2016-01-06в в· the addition of youview to sonyвђ™s tvs not but for easier access just hit the вђњguideвђќ button the top discover row is connected to the youview guide.

This needs the box to be in high-power mode to work and with on-demand tv fully integrated into the programme guide. press the youview button and choose.

Maintenance Mode Instructions YouView

Bt youview+ remote control with a dedicated bt player button you can quickly access the bt *does not work with youview by talk talk set top boxes or.

TT youview no signal TV yes. AVForums

Question - i think my youview remote control is faulty reasons. - 4k. find the answer to this and other computer questions on justanswer.

Pause live TV not working TalkTalk Community

Guide not working properly before you do anything, pick which part of the guide isnвђ™t working: youview and the youview logo are registered trade marks of.

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